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With over 10 years of hands-on experience we tailor the path of our artists. We focus on bringing already established names to the A level in the scene, without taking any credit or taking the limelight. Our artists will be coached behind the scenes.


As the scene is growing, we notice a lot of new talent knocking at the door. This healthy growth of the genre also saturates the market and makes it hard to stand out amongst the rest. We create the opportunity to let our artists stand out in the massive crowd, to eventually help them achieve their dreams. Analysing the strong and weak points of their brand, our artists get support in creating a product that is unique to them.


When presenting your most personal work to the world, spending your most valuable time on this craft and giving up precious moments with loved ones, this work brings a lot of wearing down and struggle to the life of an artist. As A•P•E•X we believe that helping the artist grow on a personal level, also helps the artist achieve way more than they initially think. As we progress in life we spend our energy solving problems, paying bills, having valuable relationships and thus slowly climbing the ladder of life. As A•P•E•X we fortify this ladder, helping them with every aspect of the game so they have the time and energy left to focus on their music. This will, in the long run, create a more stable career.


The path of the musician, is a path of the heart. Following your dreams often leads to having less time to spend on the business side of the craft, especially when you decide to move to another country. As we feel that you, as an artist, need to be able to keep creating music we gladly help you with the business side of things. If you need any help with getting together a Buma/Stemra or SENA account we will organise all the things you’ll need. Besides that we focus on the accounting of the artist, to make sure all your financials are in order and easy to look into. When that is settled we will help you with things like receiving royalties and any other questions that will undoubtedly arise.

Upcoming is targeting talents in the harder dance styles.

Our DJ’s are talented musicians with a strong and unique character. Upcoming supports them with our experience, our network and our personal touch. Our DJ’s can put 100% energy into their music, we take care of the rest. Having worked for more than a decade in this branch, we have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Upcoming cares for their DJ’s, and we guide and support them throughout their journey, all the way to the top.

Our DJ’s will make your event a success by delivering a top performance, 100% guaranteed, because they’re driven by their passion: Music!

Because everything happens for a reason!